Planinka Prolom Water Lukovo Spa Devil's Town


Excursions with Spa’s guide to the sites in the vicinity are organized several times a week for the guests of the hotel:

Devil’s Town:
The site Devil’s Town is 27km away from Prolom Spa. It is under the protection of state as a Natural Monument of the I category, and simultaneously, it is the only representative of Serbia in the “7 Wonders of Nature”.

The church of the Holy Metamorphosis:
The church of the Holy Metamorphosis located across the Spa complex and connected with a beautiful pedestrian bridge. It was built in 2013, with the blessing of His Holiness the patriarch Irinej. This viewing point offers a magical view to the whole spa. The stairs from the church lead to the Ethno inn, and farther to the Lazarica Church.

Lazarica Church in Prolom Spa:
Lazarica Church is 2.4km away from the hotel. It was renovated in 1890, and it is the only cottage church in Toplica region. By the popular belief, a part of prince Lazar’s army had a communion here before the battle of Kosovo. At the entrance to the church, there are 6 twisted plum trees, which represent a special rarity.

Prolom water bottling plant:
The excursion to the Prolom Water bottling plant includes a walk on the path of health and enables the guests to see the bottling process, how Prolom Water is supplied from the depth of 220m and how it goes to the consumers completely unchanged and natural. By the bottling plant, there is a stone church dedicated to St.Petka, the protector of healing springs, women and children. The church was built in the 13c. and renovated the same year when the bottling plant was built.

Lukovo Spa:
Lukovo Spa is 58km away from Prolom Spa. It is the highest Spa in Serbia (681msl) and it is famous for its numerous mineral springs of different compositions and temperature. The hotel service of recreation in Prolom Spa organizes full day trips to Lukovo Spa and lunch in hotels Kopaonik and Jelak.

Churches from the XII century in Kursumlija:
In Kursumlija, just 22km away from Prolom Spa, there are the first foundations of Stefan Nemanja, dating from XII century: St.Nicholas Church and Church of the Holy Mother of God. The excursion is organized together with a tour guide and a visit to the early-byzantine basilica and exploring the sights of the town.

Neolithic Site Plocnik:
Neolithic site Plocnik is 28km away from Prolom Spa. The settlement is 7500 years old and it is a rich finding of artifacts from the Neolithic period, when the first copper foundries in the world existed on this site.