Planinka Prolom Water Lukovo Spa Devil's Town

The Healing Mud


The healing mud of Prolom Spa is of volcanic origin and belongs to highly mineralized peloids with a significant therapeutic effect. is used in case of chronic rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic conditions, peripheral nerves and blood vessels damage in case of diabetes, polyneuropathy, varicose veins on lower extremities, and skin diseases.

Mud treatment increases local blood and lymph circulation, accelerates the metabolism, influences the endocrine glands function, has an analgesic effect and a beneficial effect on chronic rheumatic diseases. By regulating the neurovegetative balance, the peloids have a general sedative effect causing a pleasant mood. Prolom Spa’s mud makes the skin soft and smooth (cosmetic effect), and together with heat it increases the skin elasticity, opens pores, thus enabling the exchange of particles through the skin in both ways (from the mud into the body and vice versa). This mud also has pronounced antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Peloidotherapy has a rather beneficial effect on the skin because it stimulates its regeneration, normalizes the sweat and sebaceous glands function, primarily through removing the cornified layer of skin.

The Prolom Spa’s mud is mixed with Prolom Water for therapeutic purposes, thus taking on Prolom Water’s characteristic. After the adequate preparation, it is applied as a compress to the affected area of the body, and with skin diseases, either a part or the whole body is covered with mud. The duration of one procedure is between 20 and 30 minutes. Favorable effects are noticed after 3-4 applications, and 12 applications in a row is most often enough.