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Healing Prolom Water

Prolom Water belongs to a group of waters of high balneological qualities.

Its characteristics are:

1. High alkalinity (pH 8.8-9-2) and pronounced dominance of the hydrocarbon ion, hence Prolom Water increases the alkaline reserve in blood which accelerates the elimination of free radicals and other harmful products of metabolism,

2. Low mineralization – it does not streain the blood vessels, bile ducts and the urinary tract with salts and other minerals.

Owing to its unique characteristics, Prolom Water has a beneficial effect on the following diseases:

  • Kidney and urinary tract disease,
  • Gastrointestinal diseases,
  • Skin diseases,
  • Rheumatism.
Prolom Water plays an important role in prevention and health preservation. It belongs to a rare group of waters that can be consumed throughout our entire lives.

Chemical composition of Prolom Water
Dry residue on 180C° 148 mg/l
pH 8,8-9,2
CO2(g/l) 0,0
Metasilicic acid <3,25 mg/l
Analysis (mg/l)
Na+ 47,80
K+ 0,50
Ca++ <3,00
Mg++ <0,10
Cl- 2,00
F- 0,12
SO4 3,00
HCO3 72,60
Analysis conducted by: The Institute for Rehabilitation Belgrade – The Department of Balneoclimatology, 25.03.2014.