Planinka Prolom Water Lukovo Spa Devil's Town

Diagnostics and treatments

Besides on the workdays, the medical examinations and treatments are also conducted on weekends and holidays, so that you may use the most out of every day spent at our spa. The 24/7 health care is organized in the hotel.
After arrival, your health condition will be checked by the doctor on duty and necessary treatments will be suggested to you. You can also use the medical check-ups, and at the end of your stay, you will have a final consultation with your doctor, with a recommendation for further treatment and drinking of healing Prolom Water at home.


  • Medical examination by the medical specialists (internal medicine, dermatovenerology, physical medicine and rehabilitation) or by a general practitioner,
  • Medical examinations by our medical associates (professor of urology and dermatovenerology),
  • Laboratory,
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal region, thyroid gland and bone and joint system,
  • Osteodensitometer – ultrasonic measurement of the bone density.


In the medical center of the hotel Radan, you may use the following therapies:

  • Drinking the healing Prolom Water, in quantities and dynamics prescribed by the Spa’s doctor.
  • Baths in the healing Prolom Water,
  • Pearl bath – massage with water bubbles which improves circulation and relaxes,
  • Underwater massage – massage with a dosed water pressure,
  • Hydrokinesiotherapy

Healing Mud

Prolom Spa’s healing mud is a combination of the healing Prolom Water and the soil of rich mineral content. Mixed with Prolom Water, the mud is applied as a compress or directly to the affected areas. It is applied warm, cold or indifferent (body temperature).
It has a mechanical, thermal and chemical effect. Prolom Spa’s mud accelerates circulation, increases the metabolic processes, helps with chronic inflammatory processes.

  • Interferential currents, TENS, Diadynamic – through differently shaped impulses and different modulations of electrical currents the pain of any cause are being reduced,
  • Ultrasound – treatment with sound wave energy increases the tissue regeneration, relieves the pains and swellings, relaxes the muscles,
  • Laser – soft laser beams are used for treatment of wounds and relieving the pain,
  • Magnetotherapy – impulse magnetic field helps in reducing the pain, accelerates healing of the joint and extra-articular rheumatism and fractures and helps to improve the general functional health of the patient.


Kinesiotherapy is using motion for therapeutic purposes. Its effects are: increasing the movability in joints, increasing the muscle strength and elasticity, improving circulation, creating correct movement patterns and motor activity.

Manual massage
Manual massage is a basic method of treatment, health preservation and a contemporary relax program.
  • Classical manual massage (segmental or full body massage) – improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, reduced the pain and has a general calming effect,
  • Manual lymph drainage – the most successful manual massage technique for eliminating swellings of different origins.

Through combination of essential and herbal oils, different massage techniques (lymph drainage, acupressure or reflexology foot massage), both physical and mental relaxation is achieved.